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Our Services

PALM stands for Physical And Lifestyle Medicine - let us show you how we can help. 


We pride ourselves in providing chiropractic care with integrity which we define as only what you need, and only what is supported in sensible clinical practice and research. If we cannot meet your needs, we will make sure to connect you with one of our trusted partners who can. 

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is an approach to diagnosis and treatment that seeks to address the root cause of illness, so the body may function optimally and heal itself. Labs and diagnostic techniques are focused around how well the body functions, not necessarily if one has a definable disease.

Rehabilitation Modalities

Rehabilitation exercises and therapeutic modalities like electrical muscle stimulation and stretching all complement the chiropractic adjustment to provide the most value for your time and investment. 


Acupuncture is the practice of using fine filament needles to stimulate specific points along the body to produce an effect. That effect can range from sedation. stimulation, pain reduction, or increased function. We can also combine electrical stimulation therapy to enchance our standard acupuncture treatments. 

Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapist is prepared to use the appropriate technique for your need. Trained in Swedish Massage, Amber will make sure you leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. 

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is the practice of using lifestyle modification like dietary changes, improving sleep hygiene, adding supplemental nutrients and compounds to heal or reverse preventable disease like Type II Diabetes, Obesity, and Heart Disease.

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